Tournament Rules



1) Once a division has started and first competitor begins no new competitors can register for that event.

2) Scoring Range: 9.80 to 10. (9.90 average)

3) Order of events: Self-Defense, Weapons, Open forms, Traditional Forms, Sparring.

4) Competitors can only compete in one of the forms divisions either “Open Forms or Traditional Forms in advanced divisions” – they CANNOT compete in both divisions.

5) In the event of a dropped weapon the competitor can NOT take first, second or third place.

6) No competitor will perform first more than one time.

7) Each ring with more than 22 competitors will be split.

8) There is No distinction between “Open” and “Traditional” forms for beginners: just “forms.”

9) From 5th Place on – every competitor receives medals.

10) All Black Belt Winners – will compete in the grands.



All Ranks: Light HEAD CONTACT permitted – No Frontal Face Contact


Two-minute rounds, 5 points wins.

1 point for punches, 2 for kicks

Protective Foam Covered Gear Mandatory –

Head, Hands, Foot and Groin Protector for Male and Mouth piece. Ring Star Sparring Shoes permitted.

Black Belts: Two-minutes, accumulating all points (6-pt mercy rule).



First offense: Warning

Second offense: A point is added to opponent’s score

Third offense:


Injuries resulting in bloodshed will generally result in disqualification – up to the discretion of the center referee.

Weapons Kata

Judging for kata will be based on stances, energy, intensity and quality of movements.

Traditional Forms

Judging will be based on stances, energy, intensity and quality of movements in a traditional manor, no acrobatics, NO tricking and no gymnastics permitted.

To download and print a PDF copy of the rules Click HERE.